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i4i Product Development Award Shortlist

Hi guys,

We're pleased to let you know that we've been shortlisted for the i4i Product Development Award.

Our co-applicants are:

Dr Lei Ren

Professor Katherine Payne

Dr Tom Kirkham

Dr Johanna Wales

Watch this space!

Team AI Rehab


A National UK AI modelling Challenge sponsored by Cardiff University and Innovate UK. May 2019.

The challenge was to use Machine Learning to optimise the intervention time for  Osteoarthritis patients

The group who undertook the challenge included, Clement Twumasi (Cardiff University), Andrey Peplyshev (Cardiff University), Yo Yo Zhou (Cardiff University), Professor Irena Spasić (Cardiff University) headed by Mr. Shameem Sampath (AI Rehab Ltd).

Brief Summary:

Subjects records were obtained with permission from an anonymised US government database.

Successful modelling techniques using machine learning were developed and the findings were presented on the last day by Clement Twumasi.

Given the success of this 3-day workshop, the group intends to further develop the methods and submit the findings for publication.

We have attached a photo of the group. Unfortunately, Professor Spasić was called away and was not present for the group photo.  Attached is a group photo:

From left to right:

Andrey Peplyshev,  Clement Twumasi, Yo Yo Zhou, and Shameem Sampath.